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Monday, April 1, 2019

100 Word Challenge Week #27

I sit in the corner of the room on the hard cold floor, wondering what had happened, where I was. All of a sudden a door opens.
"Apple?" Some lady asks.
"Um, no thanks." I reply.
"Why not? It's freshly picked."
"I don't really have an appetite right now." I lie. I hadn't eaten in hours.
"One bite can't hurt." She really wasn't giving up on this one.
"But... but it is the wrong colour!" I say, staring at the moldy green apple.
"Eat it like your life depends on it." She says strangely.
"Why?" I ask.
"Because it does."


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    1. Thanks Lucius! I'll check yours out at reading tomorrow!

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    1. Thanks Piera! I'll visit your blog tomorrow!

  3. Dear Allie,
    It is Ava from
    I really love your story and how you were very descriptive. Please keep in touch. I like how you ended the story in suspense. Is it like the Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs story? Again, I really like it and please continue writing more.

    1. Thanks Ava! I'm heading over to your blog now! It was based on Snow White partly! I'm also about to post my Week #5 Blogging Challenge so I would love if you could check it out too!

      From your writing buddy!

  4. This is so good Allie! Your blog is so cool i like your 100 word challenge

  5. WOW! This really got me thinking.. what will happen next??? Is this meant to be like Snow White or something?
    P.S. This is a great piece of writing.